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It is the philosophy of the Art of Life Nursery and Montessori School that children respond best to adults when a solid trusting relationship is established. This is achieved by showing genuine interests and warmth and by seeing the children and their feeling as important and worthy of respect. Children respond best when adults are supportive and understanding of them and them and they know that they can count on them to help then gain control of their own world.

Intrinsically, we believe that the following points are of primary importance in working with young children.


1. are individuals in their own right
2. are eager, active and curious
3. are more at ease if allowed to learn at their own pace
4. need as much freedom as the environment can permit
5. respond more readily to positive suggestions and statements rather than commands
6. need to know what behaviour is not allowed because it is unsafe or harmful to themselves or others
7. need to know what limits exist in the use of equipment and materials
8. need to know that you are there to help them in stressful times and encourage them and support them in new situations.

Since the children in our school range in age from 6 months to 6 years, we have a wide spectrum of abilities. Each child needs to be seen as an individual who is learning at his/her own pace and who is deeply involved in finding out about himself/herself and his/her place in the world.

Although we cannot expect all children to be developing at the same rate in any particular area, we have set down some guidelines which help us in working with the children in our school.

1. Encourage the child to contemplate and problem solve for himself/herself, even if may seem that it is a little difficult for him/her or it would be easier for you to do it for him/her. This will enable the child to feel a sense of accomplishment and give the child a feeling of independence.
2. Support the child in his/her efforts to do something and help him/her avoid too many frustrating situations by encouraging the child to play in areas where he/she can succeed and by guiding the child through an activity when he/she seems to be getting discouraged.
3. When something is happening that you know is not best for all concerned, try to direct the child's (children's) energies into some activity which is more appropriate.
4. Children seem less threatened and can relate to us, as adults, if we stoop down and meet them at their eye level when assisting or listening to them.
5. Children enjoy relating funny experiences with teachers and like us to laugh with them when humorous things happened.
6. Children seem to respond better and more quickly to our directions and suggestions if we speak clearly to them, using as few words as possible.
7. In helping the child to know what we want of him/her, it seems best to ignore small inappropriate things (e.g., swearing) and to offer help and praise, rather than disapproval, where possible.

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