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Explore our highly personalized programs, that are based on individual plans for each child so they can achieve growth and learning at their own pace.


We are dedicated to preparing our students in learning and coping successfully with life’s fundamental skills.

Since the children in our school range in age from 6 months to 6 years, we have a wide spectrum of abilities. Each child needs to be seen as an individual who is learning at their own pace and who is deeply involved in finding out about their self and their place in the world.

We are always happy to give more information about the school and our programs. Please use our phone line or the form below to ask your questions.
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Although we cannot expect all children to be developing at the same rate in any particular area, our programs have a great rate of success in helping each child develop the foundations needed for their life at their own pace.

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Infant (6-18 Months)

Our Nurturing program is focused on creating individual schedules for each child, so that they can grow and explore the environment around them at their own pace.

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Toddler (18-30 Months)

Our Toddler program is focused on assisting the child through individual development plans in learning independence following the Montessori Method.

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Casa (3-6 years)

Our Casa program is focused on teaching the foundations of Language, Reading mathematics and culture by using certified Montessori materials and methods in a fun environment.

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